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Agar World


Agar World is an original crazy and fun game inspired by is a multiplayer game with a very simple objective: eat all the other players around you and become the biggest cell in the universe!To increase your cell size you will have to collect as much dots placed on the map as possible. Alternatively you can get bigger and bigger by eating other players that are smaller than you. Never forget to be carefull, there will always be bigger cells than you trying to eat you, unless you become the biggest of them all. You can also split in half if you are big enough attempting to eat smallers cells or become faster.Once you are big enough, avoid getting in touch with the green viruses, they will make you split in smaller pieces and you will be an easy target for the rest of the players!
Features: - Online world ranking (be the biggest one and invite your friends!)- Easy to play, great for both adults and kids- Multiple servers around the globe!- Weekly updates!
NOTICE: This game is extremely network intensive due to its multiplayer nature therefore you will need a great internet connection in order to be able to play with no lag at all. If you find any trouble please contact us at so we can fix the issue immediately.
Disclaimer: This is not the official so dont rate negative if you thought it was!